sew and tell: orange crush

orange crush quilt

orange crush quilt

This was a fun, quick quilt to make. Even with my hemming and hawing and waiting for fabric orders and learning two new techniques, it only took about a month. Not too shabby. I'm pretty happy with my machine quilting, although I do hope it gets better with practice. I really did enjoy the paper piecing and am now working on a new paper pieced project since I liked it so much!

When brainstorming for this project, I knew I wanted something a little bit mushy. I had this quilt floating around in my head and had seen this photo floating on pinterest (I use it as a search engine even if I don't actually pin). Both seemed like good candidates because they would use the strips pretty nicely without too much cutting which would make the project go much more quickly. So I sort of combined these two lovelies into something a little different.

orange crush quilt

After the heart, I still had some strips left over so I added the pieced strip to the back of the quilt and used the rest to create a scrappy binding. I really do love it!

But somehow, over the course of the past few weeks, my "Orange Crush" quilt has been renamed as "The Napper" around these parts. I think it may have something to do with this....


...happening every time someone snuggles under it.

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  1. Super cute! Where do you go to take your quilt pics? Your lush vegetation is deceiving of this place ;)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love your fabric choices and beautiful straight line quilting too. Well done, Jess =)

  3. That's such a sweet quilt!


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