on my cutting table

on the cutting table
Here's a sneak peak at my Modernista swap fabrics and the start of my large item. I've been wanting to make New York Beauty blocks for a while now and I think that my partner would really like them. I really want to do some hand quilting on this so that's why I am sticking to mostly solids. I think it might make the quilt stitches pop more than they would with patterns.

But if I plan on hand stitching, I better get a move on these blocks! Hopefully they come together quickly. Really excited to make my small item as well, but want to at least get this ready for quilting before I get too far behind on projects.


  1. It will be beautiful ! I love your colors and New York Beauties too :) I can't wait to see more of it !

  2. Your New York Beauty blocks looks stunning - perfect paper piecing, Jess. Love the colour combination and looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. How big will it be? I'm sure your partner will love it!


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