a ::little:: stashing

1. Valori Wells Cocoon Shine 2. Loulouthi Sumer Totem, Hugs and Kisses 3. Kona Solids 4. Modern Meadow Acorn Chain, Herringbone 4. Echo Abstract, Small Trees 5. Children at Play

I went a little crazy online recently and ordered a whole bunch of fabric. But for good purposes! I've got lots of sewing happening with a retreat coming up in August and a few swaps in the works (Modernista and for the Love Circle of dGS).

I also used the opportunity to add onto free shipping with a few little extras for my stash, but I think I grabbed some good blender prints...and some Children at Play, just because I love it.


  1. Love your fabric :)

  2. Ooh, fun mail day! Great selections, these are excellent stash builders! You can't go wrong with solids! I have a bunch of colours of herringbone as well and love them.

  3. You have gorgeous stash fabrics! I am a little jealous! :)


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