this summer {a list}

time flies when you're having fun.

or when you are procrastinating by watching entire seasons of shows on Netflix (hi there, Crossing Jordan).

Either way, here's a little list of what I'd like to accomplish this summer* (in no particular order):

  • graduate from Handstitched Class by completing the Modern Medallion quilt
  • finally get our house and move! 
  • make more ice cream
  • and orange sherbert
  • go camping with a fire and marshmallows
  • go hiking (Mt. Charleston!)
  • successfully hold handstand in the center of the room without falling over and/or swearing (swearing sort of kills the yoga-zen business)
  • make a jersey knit dress like the one I saw at JCrew but didn't want to spend money on
  • attempt a Retro Flowers quilt (even if it's just a mini)
  • label the quilts I've finished
  • try stenciling on fabric
  • go to a you-pick farm and load up on produce
  • can tomato sauce
Hopefully this keeps me on track for a productive and fun summer instead of just one where I stay inside and eat frozen desserts to avoid the intense summer heat. I totally reserve the right to edit and/or add to this list. It's a starting point, ya know. And not a list of goals, per se. As in, if I don't actually do any of these items, and instead, stay in my house and eat frozen desserts while watching another season of Crossing Jordan, that's ok too - but really unhealthy.

*Summer in this case is going to be from June - end of September

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  1. Uhhh yeah, you've got a good sized list! I should probably make up some sort of a list, at least so I know what I've got happening. I think you should definitely do a few retro flowers blocks. I didn't have time to make the entire quilt, so I did one block into a pillow and I LOVE it!


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