sunday stitching

sunday stitching 1

sunday stitching 2

Just a bit of weekend stitching.


  1. How did you do this? Tell me at once ;)

    This looks like so much fun! I'm working on a hat for my friend, but I just realized I miscounted somewhere and had to rip out half of what I'd done. Working up the motivation to restart, because I'd like to have this ready for work by tomorrow (friend/coworker just started losing her hair from chemo) :-/

    Are you free to get together sometime, maybe either this week or next?

  2. Oh, that's the worst, having to rip out what you've done because of miscounting. Have you seen those little stitch markers by Clover? I use those all the time because I can't count and watch tv at the same time. It makes it even more mindless = more relaxing. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she gets well soon.

    Email me. I think late next week would be best for me. Let me know what works for you though.

    1. I have the little circles that I use for markers, but this was a case of missing a cluster of double crochets somewhere... I knew where the end point was, but the # was off when I got there. I ended up trying with a different yarn that was easier to see, and ended up making a pretty spiffy slouchy beret. It's fun, I hope she likes it.

      I'll be in touch :)

  3. Beautiful colours! So happy and fun :-)


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