journal cover swap

We had a journal cover swap at my local quilt guild this past month and there were definitely some beautiful creations presented. We each selected a fat quarter last month and then drew our partners fabric from a bag at random.

journal swip swap

My partner selected the purple Kate Spain fabric. I added in the green fabric as a nice contrast and to break up the larger scale of the purple print. I also added just a touch of quilting stitches to the cover (it is for a quilt guild member after all) and a green ribbon as a bookmark.

My inspiration fabric was the block print on the inside cover. My partner made the outside cover with other prints from the Domestic Bliss line. I love how she pieced it all and that she used other fabrics from this collection. It was one of those lines that I loved but knew I would never make a full quilt from, so I'm happy to have a little bit of this line living at my house in a fabulously useful journal. I've already started making lists inside. (I love lists). 

journal swap

I hope my partner likes hers as much as I like mine!

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