it's not delivery

Husband came to me last week after he had been researching and asked if over the weekend we could set out to make a "real" pizza. With the dairy allergy, I can't order in Dominoes or pop in a DiGiorno and when we make pizza at home, we normally substitute some goat or sheep's milk cheese for traditional mozzarella, much to husband's dismay apparently.

Craving "real" pizza, he had researched tutorials online on how to make all the necessary components - the perfect crust, a killer marinara sauce and of course, mozzarella. I know at Whole Foods I had seen cheese making kits so I figured I'd indulge and see how this turned out. We, of course, had to make it with goat's milk so I was concerned about it working and if, in fact, it did work having to taste too goat like.

So, we started with high hopes, but real skepticism.

cutting the rennet tablet
Cutting and crushing the rennet tablet. I totally felt like a drug dealer at this point.

things are looking good.
Looks like something's happening....

cheese making collage
Husband cuts the cheese.

cheese making collage
our improvised heat resistant glove/ our cut cheese/ it's a ball!/ streeeetch

excitement is building

At this point, when we cut it up and it started to look like real, honest to goodness cheese we started to think this could actually work out. Still worried about flavor, mind you, but feeling more sure of ourselves and our cheese making abilities.

Husband did the pulling and stretching and ball forming, because we only had one pair of not easy-on/off gloves. He stretched it a little bit more to dry it some because we had intentions of grating this and didn't want it too soft.

our first mozzarella

Once we had officially formed out first little ball of cheese, we placed it in a brine solution with some ice cubes so that it would set up quickly. A little bit later, we grated it and placed it on top of the amazing sauce and dough he had made the day before.

We went easy with the toppings - just pepperoni and sausage - so that we could really taste the cheese.

making the pizza
waiting for the oven

Once we took it out of the oven, we were quite happy with how the cheese melted evenly and didn't appear too greasy (for pizza, anyway). Once we cut it we were pleased with the overall stretch of the cheese - something my husband tells me was lacking on our previous sub-par pizzas.

But the flavor was amazing - best pizza ever. And the husband even said it tastes like "real" mozzarella - something I wouldn't know, but he assures me of.

pizza 1
better than delivery

Here are the recipes we used to construct this pie:


  1. Wow, that's ambitious! Your pizza looks absolutely delicious! I can't eat mozzarella from the grocery store, because I think it's tasteless and gross. There is a dairy on one of the islands that's semi nearby, where they make THE BEST mozzarella I've ever had. I only go there once a year and when I do I gorge myself on cheese in the worse way. Yeah, it's not pretty.

  2. Oh that's awesome! I got some rennet and such for Christmas but we haven't had time to make cheese yet (and I always buy organic which you can't use because it's ultra pasteurized, at least from the big grocery stores I shop) Thank you for the reminder, and it looks great!


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