imitating improv

This month, for do.Good Stitches, Jacey had asked us to make citrus inspired improv blocks in squares and rectangles.

I had plenty of leftover scraps in those colors from recent projects (especially my orange quilt!). Unfortunately, I had never done improv piecing before and the "free-ness" of it all sort of scared me. Try telling a girl who's formative years were spent precisely drafting to scale to just draw free form - trust me, it's not comfortable.

citrus improv

But sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is just what you need. To wet my feet, I planned my first block. I know - it's totally not improv when you plan it but, I figured that it would imitate improv just enough that it could be convincing.

The second block, I planned more loosely. The third, I pieced by improv in the real sense! Just adding a bit here and there until it filled up the square.

citrus improv

I have to say my fear of improv piecing has not quite disappeared, but it's fading. I do like the look of other's improv blocks, so I hope to get better at it. Sadly, I still think that out of my three blocks, I like the one that I planned the most, so maybe I still need to use a bit of a crutch (planning) when doing improv, but at least I'm trying!

These babies are off in the mail to find Jacey! Hope you like them!

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  1. Love the fabrics you've chosen - such happy colours! You did great for a first timer (planned or not) they are simply gorgeous!!!


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