color choices: fabrics for handstitched class

Handstitched class officially kicks today, June 4th! All of us students have been busy preparing by ordering our class supplies and choosing our fabrics. Ordering supplies was easy, but choosing fabrics, talk about a lesson in difficult.

Initially I thought about what quilt fabrics I wanted to use, or what I wanted the quilt to look like. Since this class is spanning the summer months, I wanted the fabrics to be bright, light and airy. For the solids, I selected shot cottons. I had heard a bit about them online about their appearance of depth and texture as well as their light and breezy feel. This made them a perfect candidate for a summer quilt. It didn't hurt that they come in a wide variety of colors that are a bit more muted than your typical solids. Lends an easy breezy, relaxing vibe I think.

kaffe fassett shot cottons
kaffe fassett shot cottons

The prints are where I fell short. See, I'm really drawn to solid color quilts. Love em. And I can't help but look at each specific print individually which means I typically love it or hate it. Never mind that they tend to look nothing like that when cut up and pieced, I just can't get past it. This leaves my mini-stash full of large scale prints, or white+one color prints, but I have very few small scale prints - I think I have two - maybe.

Anyway, I did have some Flea Market Fancy. I never purchased the entire line, but had enough that I could build off of them. I ended up also adding in a few prints by Sweetwater -the plaids and dot from Lucy's Crab Shack, some blenders from Sunkissed and one from the Reunion line. Sweetwater definitely has a good grip on making bright and breezy summer lines. I threw in the bright Outfoxed print as well and may add a few more bold prints if needed, but we'll see how it all ends up coming together.

modern medallion fabrics

I was also quite excited to see that my local quilt shop ended up having pearl cotton! I had already selected embroidery floss, but was having a hard time finding pearl cotton locally and was nervous to take a gamble color matching online. I brought them home and busted out my floss and was thrilled to see that they matched beautifully even though they were bought separately and were by two different manufacturers! Lucky, lucky me.

This week, we're learning reverse applique and I'll be making both the center medallion for my quilt, the Dogwood Blossom block, and the needle book which will surely come in handy with all this upcoming handstitching. Can't wait to get started!


  1. You've picked beautiful fabrics for your quilt! I almost went with Flea market Fancy too, but decided to finally cut into my stash of Freshcut!

  2. Brilliant fabric choices! I really love that array of shot cottons colors. I think that's going to be a really lovely quilt, looking forward to the progress.

  3. I've heard that shot cottons are a dream to work with and I love the colors you choose !
    I think it will be a gorgeous summer quilt :)

  4. Gorgeous fabrics! Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!


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