adding the satin and jewels

modern medallion week 2

I've been plugging away at my satin and jewels embroidery for Handstitched class. Unfortunately, this undertaking happened to fall on my very busiest weeks! But it's been fun to work on when I have the time and luckily, if I don't have it all finished, I can continue to work on it as we add more rounds. 

I'm totally loving the effect, although I have been second guessing myself on the choice of linen (instead of white). Part of me loves seeing those white borders where the embroidery just pops! But the other part of me says that my overall look will me more subdued and relaxed and to just stick with the linen. 

I've been getting much better at stepping back from it instead of looking critically at each stitch. There is some charm to handstitched work, and that charm comes from the imperfections. If it looked as perfect as a machine stitch, it wouldn't have the same effect. 

But I can tell you, as much as I am enjoying hand stitching, I am so thankful for my machine.


  1. The hand-stitching is lovely, Jess! And I think the linen is a great choice.

  2. I think the linen is a wonderful choice - it's looking amazing. I wish I was making as good of progress myself!

  3. Your stitches looks neat and even and it does look lovely against the linen. Can't wait to see the satin jewels - I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!

  4. Looks beautiful! I love the choice of linen. The quilt is fabulous!!!

  5. These stitches are just beautiful! I'm working on some handstitching myself tonight and love what you've done in the handstitched class.

  6. beautiful! i think i like the linen.


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