Modernista Homemade {a sewing swap}

For those of you that don't know, we are in the process of buying a home. And here in the valley, that means we're trying to buy a short sale, because regular home sales don't exist (we checked). We put our offer in back in February and we're keeping our fingers crossed that things continue to go smoothly.

But if we do get this house, I would love to fill it with handmade items. It's a big house and we have lived in modest sized apartments for years, so we'll have to really get creative to bring some warmth to such a large space.

Recently, I joined this sewing swap, Modernista Homemade. The group will go from room to room and make things for each as you go, swapping with a {super secret} partner, eventually filling your home with handmade items from all over. How cool is that?

The first room that we are taking on is, appropriately, the sewing room. For each space, we've each made a mosaic to give our partner an idea of what we'd like, our aesthetic preferences and style. Here's mine:

Modernista Homemade mosaic

It all kicks off June 11th, so if you are interested, click over to the flickr group page, check it out and join in! 

If you're here to grab a button for the group:


  1. Jess, thanks for doing this! BTW your blog rocks, I love to cook and will also be adding some of my recipes to my blog. I can't wait for canning season to kick off, I can jam all summer :)

    1. No problem. I am always changing my blog design because I love making graphics and layouts and what not. Canning sounds like fun - my parents had berry bushes in our yard back home and I would can stuff there, but out here we haven't planted any fruits yet.

  2. Great button - I've put it in the sidebar of my blog Can't wait for it to all start :)


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