last weekend

This past weekend, the hubs and I set up our "workstations" (his: wood working, mine: sewing) and just hung out inside. This allowed me time to work on some projects. I have been working on my orange challenge quilt, obviously, but I haven't wanted to rush it, so I worked on some other things for the sewing area in between quilting.

scrappy thread catcher 2
One of the things I have been wanting is a thread catcher/mini scrap bowl. I have a bin for "usable" scraps, but those itty bitty pieces destined for the garbage would just sit in a pile on my work table and then get bumped or shuffled or (worse still) dumped on the floor by accident. I thought about sewing a thread catcher bin, but I have a tiny stash and well, it's hard to commit using one of the pretty fabrics I had in mind for a quilt (Flea Market Fancy!, Riley Blake Chevrons!, Kaffe Fassett shot cottons!, Domestic Bliss!) for something as utilitarian as a thread catcher (aka small garbage can).

So, to the scrap bin I went. And I found the most useless scraps available - the strips - the less than 1" wide strips. There is really nothing you can sew with something that small, especially if it isn't even one inch, or if it sort of varies from 3/4" to 1" and back again...

scrappy thread catcher and pin cushion
I guess you're wondering why I saved them? Well, I have crocheted some of them into coasters and considered eventually making a little rug out of them (once I had a ton of scraps), so they aren't completely useless. And they were perfect for this project - a scrappy thread catcher (click here for tutorial). The hubs had about two and a half yards of rope, which made a four and a half inch bowl - perfect for tiny scraps and threads.

mini mason jar pin cushion 3
I also wanted to make some pin cushions, and so I used "real" scraps (5"x5" squares) to make some matching  pin cushions. I thought about stuffing these with batting, but husband happened to have crushed walnut shells on hand, so I used that instead. I do like the heft and grab it gives to the cushion.


  1. You were so productive! (While I was getting lost near your area - I almost called you. There is something to be said for me and Centennial Hills Hospital. It is like my little beacon of light in the Northwest, lol... Except this time I was even further out of my way!) These are both super creative and awesome :)

    1. I'm glad you had your beacon. You definitely could have called. We were just hanging out avoiding the heat. Did you have a good weekend with your friend?

  2. We had a good time, it was mostly pretty low key. Le Reve was awesome, and we went to the NV State Museum at the Springs Preserve too. Did the obligatory Strip-walking, but only between Cosmopolitan/Crystals/Planet Hollywood, so it was semi-contained, lol. Yesterday was a work picnic at a coworker's home out near Gilcrease, off of Elkhorn. She has orchards, a vineyard, and watermelon fields right in the vicinity of her property (not hers, but accessible, lol). It was pretty neat.

  3. I love that little bowl! What a terrific idea!


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