last weekend

Last weekend we headed out to Spring's Preserve for a hot date. Let me clarify by saying that any time the hubs and I do anything that varies from our day to day routine, it is referred to as a hot date. Going out to grab a sushi lunch? Hot date. A bagel and a hike? Hot date. Shopping for something other than groceries? Hot date.

It was our first time going to Spring's Preserve and I didn't really know what to expect. It's a pretty interesting place - they offer tons of classes, activities and demos - so you can really learn a lot while you're there. We didn't take any classes this time around, although we saw a few that we really would be interested in if we end up getting our house *fingers crossed.* This weekend, we just went to tour the gardens and check the place out. (PS Vegas dwellers - it's free admission the first weekend of the month, so um, a ridiculously cheap date.)

They had tons of fun plants, including a lot of desert friendly edibles - something we are very interested in. They also have pretty fun sculptures made from scrap materials (aka junk) scattered throughout the gardens and the rest of the preserve, all from artist Dave Thompson. It's only there until this coming fall, so it was fun to see the exhibit.

Later that day, since it was Cinco de Mayo, we stopped off for some Mexican food. It was sort of overwhelming in portion sizes, but delicious none the less. And, because we're early birds, we still made it home in time to watch the Derby.

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing up some projects. I was really itching to start some others, but ran out of supplies, so I think this week may be a trip to the fabric store so I don't run into this terrible problem again.


  1. I love the Preserve! They do a Day of the Dead Festival in the fall (obviously, lol) that is really neat, and the Christmas lights are cool too. The Nevada State History Museum is on the north end of the property, and a good friend of our fam is the curator, so if you're ever interested in checking it out, let me know. It's actually pretty cool :) As always, love your pics!

    1. Oh, I don't think I even saw the history museum! There is so much to do there. We want to keep going back so that we can see the different plants in different seasons to see what we'd like to have in our own garden.

    2. What Mexican place did you go to? It looks yummy :)

    3. Cafe Rio - it's on Blue Diamond. It was really good - handmade tortillas and lots of vegetables. I preferred it to Chipotle.

    4. I saw this place the other day in a restaurant search, you should check it out, it's in your neck of the woods, haha. I'm sure your mom's cooking outdoes them, though!

    5. We've actually been there once. Pretty tasty, but definitely not my mom's cooking lol.

  2. Your photos were very awesome, and I have to say your mexican food made my mouth water. Looks very yummy!

  3. I LOVE your photos!!
    gee... I think you are my new favorite blog : )



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