last weekend


We headed out to Ice Box once again. This time, however, it didn't live up to it's namesake. The higher spring sun kept us warm the whole hike so the cooler area near the falls was quite welcome. The beautiful colors we saw on the trees and bushes were signs that spring has definitely hit the desert. I love how the colors just seem to pop so much more when they are surrounded by the stark rock. I particularly love the tree growing sideways from the rock. (also noticed that basically every hike you can do at the desert ends at a water source, coincidence?)

Also, this dog. This fat, lazy princess of a dog. She needed a lift for the last half of the hike. It was hilarious watching the guys switch off carrying her and lifting her over the boulders like a search and rescue team. I think now she needs a puppy pedicure.

*On another note, have you ever noticed how sometimes photos don't seem to do a place justice while at the same time framing or featuring things you couldn't even notice at the time?


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the blue sky/pink flowers.

  2. I simply love the 'water source' picture, it's so peaceful looking. I am about to pin it on Pinterest.

    1. That picture is funny in that it photographs more peaceful than it really is. That's really the last pool after about 3 waterfalls, and at the time there were kids and dogs and my group climbing around and making all kinds of noise that echoed though the canyon. But looking back at photos it really does appear calming and restful hehe.

  3. The dog ! I wish I could have seen that !
    Your pictures are gorgeous !


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