If life gives you (giant) lemons...

When we were in California, we picked lots of citrus and avocados from the hub's aunt's farm, so recently we've been making all sorts of citrus-y things: Blood Orange Tarts, Citrus Cupcakes, Lemon & Shrimp Pasta, Orange and Beet Salads, Citrus Pancakes, Avocado and Grapefruit Salads, Orange Juice, Margaritas (you knew it was coming), and who knows what else - oh yeah, Limoncello.

But I just had to show you guys this monster lemon that my hubs picked while we were there. To fully illustrate how ginormous this is, I thought it would be good to show some comparisons.

A regular lemon.

My hand. (Don't look at the spot on my counter.)

We jokingly have been shouting "Go long!" with the accompanying tossing and catching motions for a couple weeks now, as we've been saving this football lemon for last.


  1. Good lord! That's a monster of a lemon!

  2. Holy cow! We lived in Arizona a long time ago and had monster citrus fruit like that. I miss it! So yummy!

    1. We definitely enjoyed our bounty from California. I think we'll have to make another trip at some point because gosh, I'm going to miss fresh orange juice.


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