Club Baked: Nutella Scones

My mom has always tried to instill healthy eating habits in me. We had rules in our house. One sweet thing a day, no cereal with more than 11g of sugar per serving. I was the only kid who read nutrition labels in the second grade. Grocery shopping included a lot of veggies and fresh foods. I got excited when I was able to pick out a new fruit to try because I knew I wouldn't get away with sneaking Bubbalicious into the cart. Eyes in the back of her head, she said. She cooked our meals, which I never thought was abnormal until I went away to school.

Fast forward to college: Shopping with my roommate senior year, she mentioned that she wanted meatballs. So, I steered our cart towards the meat section. She looked at me like I was crazy and asked, "Where are you going?" I told her to the meat section, so she could get meat for meatballs. She then introduced me to the frozen foods section, two whole aisles of food that is already made. And then pointed out the meatballs. In a bag. Ready to be eaten. (Did you also know they made french toast like that? Sheesh, the education I got that day.)

So, I immediately text my mother (who I think might still have this text message): "You did not prepare me properly for the world. Did you know that they have meatballs already made in the freezer section? They make lots of things already made. How could you not tell me this?" I'm paraphrasing, of course, but that was the gist of it.

Her response of course, was that I could make my own meatballs, freeze them individually on parchment paper and then bag them up to have my own ready made meatballs in the freezer. Totally missing the point that you could buy them that way.

Anyways, that whole meatball intro was to help you understand my culinary background and it's lack of processed foods. And the fact that I've never in my life had Nutella. 

Deprived. I know.

Anyhow, now that I am all old and grown, I have this pesky milk allergy and I can't have Nutella. (Thanks Mom, seriously, all those years that I missed out.) So, for the Club Baked Nutella Scones recipe, I made the "Hazelnut Spread" recipe that was found in the cookbook. And my loving husband said that it does not taste like Nutella. Great...

Despite that fact, I continued on and made the scones. I actually love scones. They are easy to put together, quick to make, and can have almost any flavor, sweet or savory. These are no exception in ease of preparation and the flavor is nice. A chocolate scone with a layer of Nutella (or, in my case, hazelnut spread) running through, topped with another drizzle of Nutella and crushed, toasted hazelnuts.

My only complaint: These are dry. I get that scones are dry. But I guess I got spoiled with the scones recipe from the Sweet Melissa Baking Book, my preferred scone recipe that makes a lovely, as moist as a scone can be, scone.

All in all, these weren't bad. And I'm glad I got to try sort of, almost, but not quite Nutella.

This recipe was hosted by Lorraine, so go over and check out her blog for the recipe.  Check out the Baked site for the other baker's takes on this one!

**We were recently at a party with the hub's co-workers and their families. One of the other girls said something about wanting almond butter, and did I know anywhere to get it, to which I replied "Just make it." Not realizing that this was weird until the hubs called me out on it. Outcast for life. Thanks, Mom.


  1. Did you bake them too long? I didnt like the scones by Sweet Melissa -- i thought those were dry! Go figure. Your scones look fantastic and I'm glad you got to try the hazelnut spread recipe thats in the book.

  2. Your scones look great Jess!Thanks for baking along. I always love your pictures. This was my first attempt at scones. So, I actually thought that they would be drier than they were. I did use Nutella, but later I saw that hazelnut spread recipe... I might have to try that at some point.

  3. Karen - I can't really speak about the real Sweet Melissa recipe. I had to tweak it for my allergy, so I used yogurt in the dough which made it a pretty wet dough and moist scones.

  4. Your scones look great! I didn't have a problem with them being too dry. Love the story about your mom!

  5. I thought they were dry, too. Delicious but too dry. More Nutella next time, I think. Love the story about reading the labels as a kid. I don't think there were labels when I was a kid. Ha!

  6. I love your story. Your mother sounds very wise, and she sounds like she was ahead of the times!!
    My scones were dry also. Yours look fantastic!!!

  7. Ah, that's a great story! :) Sounds like your mom was pretty cool. I love that you made your own hazelnut spread. Your scones look fantastic. Sorry to hear they were dry. Maybe throw in some yogurt next time. ;)

  8. Your scones look great! I'm glad to know that the book's recipe for hazelnut spread doesn't actually taste like Nutella. I almost made it to go with these scones but decided against it at the last minute, and now I'm glad I did - thanks!

  9. I love dry scones - moist ones don't appeal to me! But these look really good. And your story cracked me up. My mother also cooked from scratch, but I spent my formative years in Germany where Nutella was a mainstay. YUM!


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