last weekend

The hubs and I went to California and I saw the Pacific for the very first time. Even though it was very very cold, I just had to touch it. I feel like it doesn't count as a trip to the coast until you get a little wet. 

We took a little walk along the coast, checking out the cliff houses, the plants and wildlife before we realized that we needed to turn around before high tide took over the beach. From the dunes, we watched my first west coast sunset. But fear not, we'll be back.


  1. Looks so nice! I love the Pacific beaches. One of my best friends from PA lives in Oceanside now, so I use that as my excuse to make San Diego trips ;)

  2. oh isn't California wonderful? we went on a road trip all over the states last year and spent time there, i love the ocean so much, it's so pretty!!


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