last weekend

Last weekend Nick and I headed out into the (finally) fabulous fall desert weather. It was perfect for hiking - not to cool and not too hot. I packed up some apples and pumpkin gobs (gosh I need to share that recipe with you guys) along with some water and spent the day relaxing, enjoying the scenery, and of course, climbing on rocks. Nick and I were both avid climbers as children, much to the dismay of our parents, and climbed anything and everything. According to my mom, I was in a walker for all of 30 seconds before I climbed out onto a chair and then onto a table. Nick would climb his mother's kitchen cabinets just to steal chocolate. Almost all of the childhood pictures I've seen have him standing on the top of something he climbed (the large whale statue at Sea World for instance) with his brothers posing firmly on the ground. (Based on this, I am already fearful of what our children will end up like...)

But, now that we are in the desert, with rocks 'a plenty, we both have an outlet for all our climbing around. It was a great time, heading off the beaten path at times to check things out, or just to see if we could get there. And with plenty of trails and routes around these parts, and each one changing so much with the seasons, we are sure to have plenty to keep us entertained.


  1. I have a fun walk I want to share with you guys in the spring, once the snow melt happens - maybe April/May-ish. It's just outside Red Rock Canyon and leads to a lovely hidden treasure in the desert :)

    Also, I'm very disappointed that you didn't include any pics of Nick atop any of his climbing feats, in his "Walk Like an Egyptian" pose :P

  2. Hi! I just happened to stumble across your blog, and I LOVE it!!! And then when I saw this post, and your bio, and put the two together, my question came to this: Are you from Vegas??? I am a southernbelle from Texas and I've been in Vegas for 5 years now! My husband and I just got marred 10 days ago, and I was researching through blogs for meal planning templates, and home diy-projects, and foud a link to your page from "ohbucketsblog." I'm so excited I found an interesting blogger that is also local, i'm sorry I'm just so fascinated how random that was! :)

  3. Cailydawn - We just moved here recently, so it's been an adjustment. Vegas is not like anywhere else I've lived, but we do love all the outdoor stuff that you can do around here. Congratulations on your wedding! I think married life is the bees knees. I'll have to come check out your blog sometime - I have yet to discover a local blogger as well - well, I guess not anymore!

  4. Yes, Vegas is still not my city of choice, but the city life has grown on me a little. Make sure you check out Lake Las Vegas, The Distrcit @GVR, Spring Mountain Ranch, and Floyd Lamb State Park :) Those are my favorite areas to "get away" from Vegas lol. I'm fairly new to blogging so I'm afraid you won't find anything much interesting for a while on my blog :P


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