last weekend

So, the weather has been right at the perfect balance here between hot as *$%^ and just a bit too chilly so we've been taking advantage and spending the weekends at the beach. We say we're "going fishing," but we really sit in lawn chairs with our feet in the water holding a fishing pole, feeding shrimp to the fish every so often. They must bite I guess, since our line comes back sans bait, but we never manage to actually hook them and reel them in. They mush be smart fish because none of the other fishermen on the beach ever seem to be either.

But, alas, we still go and cast out and enjoy this bit of nice weather before the hotter than hot comes. It's fun, and I get to model a pretty sweet SPF fisherwoman shirt. It's cool and fashionable, I know. Nick takes care of the shrimp. If I do, I get too attached with their beady eyes looking up at me pleading for freedom.