last weekend

This weekend was such a fun weekend. It was the first weekend this year when Nick and I both were feeling well, but the highlight was the Rolex 24 in Daytona Beach. I never really thought I would get into Nascar or car racing, but it really is such a good time to go watch the races live. I think some of the speed and intensity is lost when it's broadcast on television. Plus, the atmosphere is actually quite nice. It's pretty judgement free, fun and family friendly.

The Rolex race in particular, being a 24 hour race, also offers some fun extras that we certainly took advantage of.

First, we watched the start of the race from the Grandstands. It's basically two races in one since there are prototype cars and GT cars, but they race together on the same track.

Outside the Grandstands

Grandstands from the Infield

Next, we headed to the infield where all the fun was through the tunnel that goes under the track.

Heading into the Infield

Under the track in the tunnel

My first taste of PBR

We checked out team garages, where we saw a sad Ferrari.

We also checked out older winning cars they had on display.


Next we headed to the Chili Cook Off. Our favs: Carolina Catfish and Yes Deer.

Our vote for Sportsmanship

After we stopped to watch a bit of the race, we ended the evening with a ride on the ferris wheel, which gave us a 360 view of the track.

Sunset from the infield

My fav car, #7. He wasn't doing very well.  

Ferris Wheel

View of Grandstands from the Ferris Wheel

Afterwards, we stopped off at the sushi restaurant near our apartment and grabbed a couple rolls and warmed up from the race with some hot sake.

Sunday was a lazy day to catch up with some housework, hang out, prepare some stuff for the week ahead and of couse, watch the NHL All Star game. I hope you all had a great weekend. 

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