The things we do for love...

Why, yes. That is an easy over egg inside a pancake. The husband loves eggs. During college, he gave blood regularly to the local Blood Bank. On one particular visit, they warned him that his cholesterol had spiked noticeably from his last visit. Turns out, it was because that week he had eaten only eggs for breakfast - everyday.

Now, I give him his (possibly only) daily serving of fruit for breakfast in the form of a fruit smoothie each morning - during the week. On the weekends, we usually have eggs and bacon with potatoes and toast. This particular weekend, however, we were out of toast and bacon (the horror!!), so I suggested pancakes. He still was craving his eggs, so we came up with this - egg in a pancake. It solved the no bread for toast problem and he seemed quite happy with it.

I still made mine with chocolate chips.

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