Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Ours was a whirlwind tour of western Pennsylvania and Ohio. We hung out with our immediate families in Pittsburgh and then went to Ohio to visit with the hubs's extended family - all 80 of them! 

The Steel City

The Sibs
But we're glad to be home. And our itty bitty apartment is starting to feel a little like home even though we know it's not a forever place. We even got some more "home" things that make our home feel that much more special. Even though I'm an interior designer, I really hate buying things for our house. I don't mind buying bigger items and practical items, but photos and accessories I want to feel attached to - something linked to a vacation, gift, or other memorable event.

So, it was just perfect that Nick's aunt/godmother gave us these beautiful bowls. Using them with our dishes adds warmth to the table and a pop of color. It's just the thing I would have bought to accent our kitchen and dining area if I would have chosen something myself. But I love them that much more since they were a gift.

Each one has a different design and this on the bottom:

It translates to "Painted by Hand in Deruta." I love our wedding date on the bottom also. I am sure we will get plenty of use out of these - look for them in some upcoming posts!

We also got some bedroom items - perfect since we've neglected every room other than the kitchen. We're waiting for this to come in the mail. I think it's so cute, but not too girly, since now I share the covers with a man.

via Pottery Barn
via Pottery Barn

While we were in Pittsburgh, we couldn't help but do a little shopping for ourselves. And what did we get? I'm sure not what most people pick up on vacation. Semolina, "00" Type Flour, and Durum Wheat Flour. We've heard all make great pastas, so we're going to make small batches of each and hold a taste test to see which we like the best.

"00" Type, Semolina, Durum Wheat

We also got some beans and dried mushrooms, since they are ridiculously cheap in Pittsburgh.

And some fun loose teas.

Down in Florida, we stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a basket full of sheep and goat's milk cheeses and spotted a variety of Dogfish Head beers. We picked up four different types we can't wait to try. We're going to review them and try to pair them with some meal ideas since they are expensive - but sooo good!

What did Santa bring you for Christmas? Are you settled in from the holiday craziness yet?

The things we do for love...

Why, yes. That is an easy over egg inside a pancake. The husband loves eggs. During college, he gave blood regularly to the local Blood Bank. On one particular visit, they warned him that his cholesterol had spiked noticeably from his last visit. Turns out, it was because that week he had eaten only eggs for breakfast - everyday.

Now, I give him his (possibly only) daily serving of fruit for breakfast in the form of a fruit smoothie each morning - during the week. On the weekends, we usually have eggs and bacon with potatoes and toast. This particular weekend, however, we were out of toast and bacon (the horror!!), so I suggested pancakes. He still was craving his eggs, so we came up with this - egg in a pancake. It solved the no bread for toast problem and he seemed quite happy with it.

I still made mine with chocolate chips.